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What’s this all about?

It was all a dream. This time last year JVC UK connected with self-taught concept artist and pixel wizard, Khyzyl Saleem aka THE KYZA. You may have seen Khyzyl’s design work in Need for Speed, on the world wide web and featured on Speedhunters. This gentleman’s brain is like no other and we’re pleased to share with you the fruits of this collaboration, the JVC_GT86. Here are some questions we’ve had asked about the car…



Is it real?

Yes, the JVC_GT86 is a render to reality project that was made possible by KYZA, our partners at Speedhunters and car builder Ryan Stewart. The car is 100% real.


JVC Demo Car GT86 in partnership with KYZA, Speedhunters and Ryan Stewart


How does it look so wild?

We air shipped a Rocket Bunny 2.5 kit over from Japan, got in touch with our friends at Air Lift Performance and ordered the widest Rotiform wheels you could imagine. Add these to a GT86 with one careful owner and the result is what you see here. At the touch of a button, the Air Lift 3P suspension raises the car up to drive height and the GT86 is rolling. The result? A toy car in real life!


JVC Demo Car Air Lift Performance and Rotiform wheels


What JVC products have been installed?

Ok, so the Toyota GT86 is perfect for a multimedia upgrade. We’ve installed the KW-M745DBT, which features CarPlay, Android Auto, Digital Radio and Bluetooth for hands-free phone call as well as audio streaming. The 13-Band Graphic EQ gets the best out of the sound and the CW-DRA8 active subwoofer installed in the boot pumps the car full of bass.


JVC Demo Car CW-DRA8 active subwoofer


What else?

Inside there’s a pair of Recaro SP-G seats, Nardi steering wheel and on the outside there’s a custom wrap designed by Mr Khyzyl Saleem. If you want to see more, check out the video below.


JVC Demo Car with KW-M745DBT, SP-G seats, Nardi steering wheel